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Lombard Network

01. Our Story

Lombard Network was established in 2006 by Federico e Carole Foscale with the specific aim to support SMEs in their financial needs. It was one of the first player to approach this discipline with a method based on the integration of business planning, the strategic advisory of the most fitted financial solutions and the  execution both in debt and equity side. Today, with the massive evolution of the financial markets, Lombard Network is among the most innovative advisory firm.

02. The Companies

Lombard Network Group is organized in several legal entities  which operates under the control of the Holding Company: LN Corporation SAGL with head quarter in Switzerland.

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03. Founders & Shareholders

The Founders and actual Shareholders of Lombard Network Group are Federico Foscale and Carole Gonzalez Foscale. Before Lombard Network, they worked for several years in the Investment and Corporate Banking.

04. Track Record

In 15 years of activity, Lombard Network  Group was involved (both Debt and Equity) in over 500 deals and transcations, over EUR 2 bn combined  deal value and advised, more than 300 business served in 10 countries.

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05. Brands 

Lombard Network Group operates, via its legal entites, under several trademarks and brands: such as LN Advisory & Co. and AREAMoney.

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